Contactless Communication is Now Essential. Williams AV Has the Solutions You Need


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Social distancing guidelines, indefinite work-from home-orders, and restrictions on large group gatherings mean many of our day-to-day activities look very different than they used to. But audio, video, and other technology solutions are rising to fill the gap and keep us connected even when we have to stay apart.

In this webinar, assistive listening industry leader Williams AV, will discuss their technology-based solutions for contactless communication, which is now an essential part of everyone’s day.

Stay in Contact Without Making Contact Thanks to These Audio Solutions

Group gatherings, from school classes to corporate meetings to worship services, are pretty hard to pull off safely in the age of social distancing. But the right technology solution can help you overcome the barrier of distance and allow students, co-workers, and congregations to participate in group activities safely. Solutions that representatives from Williams AV will discuss include:  

  • The Digi-Wave 400. This solution enables simultaneous two-way communication similar to a phone conversation. Digi-Wave 400 can be configured so multiple speakers can talk to each other, or so an individual presenter can broadcast to multiple listeners at once.
    For example, a professor and students could be spread out in a large auditorium and still communicate and hear each other clearly. Other applications for the Digi-Wave 400 include wireless intercom communication, language interpretation, and tour guiding.
  • The FM+. This solution is the first assistive listening system that simultaneously outputs FM and WiFi signals. Users can listen to the audio output of a high school graduation, corporate training, court proceeding, or lecture from a safe distance using either a provided FM receiver or their own app-enabled smartphone. An optional Dante interface makes the FM+ a full, professional audio networking solution for corporate settings as well.
  • The FM Drive Through System. This innovative solution allows users to participate in group gatherings, such as church services or concerts, from the comfort and safety of their own cars. The Drive Through System includes an FM+ transmitter, which allows for an unlimited number of FM listeners within a 1,000-foot radius. The WiFi audio output allows up to 200 connected listeners within a 200-foot range. All WiFi listeners need is a smartphone or tablet to hear everything that’s going on.

Williams AV Makes It Easy to Keep in Touch from a Distance  

Just because we can’t gather physically doesn’t mean we have to give up the kind of group interactions and activities we know and love. With contactless communication solutions like these ones from Williams AV, keeping in touch from a distance is a cinch.

To learn more about these Williams AV solutions and how they can meet your contactless communication needs, view the on-demand webinar now. 

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