9 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Hire an AV Integrator


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When is the last time you bought anything without reading the reviews? These days it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to get anyone and everyone’s opinions on anything from restaurants and movies to stores, products and celebrity fashion. But are you doing the same due diligence when looking for strategic partners such as audiovisual systems integrators?

According to Iron Mountain, a document and records management firm, only 32 percent of organizations require third party vendors, such as AV integrators, to be in compliance with their internal policies and standards. However, thoroughly evaluating potential integrators to ensure they can deliver the project you need in the way that you want is worth a little extra time and effort.

How to Evaluate an AV Systems Integrator

You should be looking for AV systems integrators who can help you meet your strategic goals and objectives while also staying within your budget. Here are 9 questions that will help you assess the expertise, stability, capabilities, and reputation of every potential AV partner.

Questions to Determine Their Level of Expertise

1. Do your technicians and installers have current training and certifications, including CTS, CTS-I and CTS-D certifications?

2. Has your team completed any manufacturer training or network certifications?

3. How do you manage, address and prepare for risks?

Questions to Assess Their Track Record

4. How long have you been in business?

5. How long have team members worked at your company, on average?

6. Who can I talk to about similar projects you’ve completed?

Questions to Confirm Their Capabilities

7. Are you able to provide support across multiple locations, including outside this area?

8. Are your services mostly in-house or contracted?

9. Can you provide after-sales services, including managed services, monitoring and support?

AV Systems Integrators as Strategic Partners

Still feeling a little overwhelmed about finding the right AV integrator? Choosing a PSNI affiliate integrator can take some of the work and worry off your plate. PSNI affiliates are committed to the highest industry standards, and the global PSNI network expands their reach and multiplies their resources. When you choose a PSNI affiliate as your AV integration partner, you can be confident you are getting a qualified provider that can deliver exactly what you need, anywhere in the world.

PSNI affiliates are strategic partners who can view and support your business holistically, and they should also be a good fit for your organization. Don’t discount your gut feeling, and don’t underestimate the value of someone who can provide dedicated communication and support.

Let us help you find the right AV systems integrator near you.

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