Enhancing Public Spaces with AV Technology: Innovative Solutions for Digital Signage, Targeted Messaging, and Assistive Communication


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ProAV solutions have become critical for retailers who want to create engaging shopping experiences that keep customers coming back. With targeted and personalized messaging, digital signage and interactive displays can help customers find what they’re looking for and promote products and services. Lighting and sound systems can be used to create a welcoming and relaxing environment, while gathering data from integrated systems such as POS and CRM can provide valuable insights about customer behavior and improve the overall shopping experience.

Similarly, the ProAV industry has developed innovative solutions for public spaces, including airports, train stations, museums, and community centers. These spaces require clear and concise communication for public safety, and targeted messaging and dynamic content to engage and inform visitors. Here are some of the top AV solutions for public spaces:

Digital Signage: Digital signage has become a popular way to engage visitors in public spaces. Companies like Korbyt offer solutions that integrate with relevant data in real time to ensure visitors remain informed without manual effort. Korbyt’s playlists ensure that content automatically remains fresh and engaging, while providing a consistent experience across the space. VITEC’s IPTV and digital signage platform provides clear, timely communication while driving revenue through advertising and sponsorships.

Interactive Displays: Interactive displays are another popular way to engage visitors in public spaces. Media players from companies like BrightSign offer advanced processing power and 8K resolution, allowing for engaging content via HTML, JavaScript, live feeds, and more. BrightSign offers a free Control Cloud service allowing customers to quickly troubleshoot issues while streamlining their content. And, they partner with hundreds of leading CMS providers giving customers choices in content.

Lighting and Sound Systems: Lighting and sound systems can help create a welcoming and relaxing environment in public spaces. The VOCIA platform from Biamp offers ambient noise compensation and robust messaging for clear and effective communication. AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM™ sets the standard for mass notification systems for public safety. At airports and transportation facilities, GLOBALCOM delivers clear, concise and intelligible communications to keep people safe and informed.

Assistive Communication: For hearing-impaired audiences, assistive communication technologies like Williams AV’s Digi-Wave and induction loop solutions provide clear and concise audio for any public space. For example, when audio is routed through a hearing aid, it’s tuned to a user’s hearing loss specifically, which results in increased intelligibility and better hearing experience. The added bonus of a loop system is the user doesn’t need to borrow a receiver since they can hear with their hearing aid. These solutions can help create a more inclusive environment and improve engagement for all visitors.

The AV industry is constantly innovating to improve communication and engagement in public spaces. With the right solutions, visitors can enjoy a safer, more enjoyable, and more inclusive experience, while companies can benefit from valuable data insights and a stronger relationship with their customers.

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