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As “hybrid” becomes a permanent descriptor for many meetings, classes, and events, it brings with it new communication opportunities and challenges. Hybrid options make it possible to include more people without the restriction of location or travel. But the benefits of inclusion are only realized if participants and attendees can easily communicate with each other. A recent learning and development (L&D) study found that 53% of L&D professionals believe their virtual and digital offerings are less effective than their face-to-face versions.

Why is this? The challenges associated with hybrid events, particularly those with a global reach, can include:

  • poor audio quality
  • difficult vocabulary
  • decaying bandwidth
  • background noise
  • different languages, dialects and accents

How AI Can Help

One way to solve for these communication barriers is to provide video captions. These captions would need to be generated in real time and ideally in the language native to the viewers. Since it’s not always possible, or cost-effective, to try to find a human translator for every meeting, the answer is artificial intelligence. 

Using AI to translate and transcribe event content helps everyone—from those with hearing loss to foreign-language speakers to those with less optimal audio connections—work and learn more effectively. The applications for this type of solution include courtrooms, classrooms, corporate training events or meetings, and houses of worship.

See a Practical Application

Learn more about this topic and how AI is being used to improve communication in an upcoming webinar presented by PSNI partner Williams AV. Join us for an in-depth discussion about:

  • The benefits of AI translation and machine learning 
  • Which markets and applications are right for AI translation
  • The future of AI-based translation

You’ll also see a demo of the Williams AV Convey Video system, which uses AI to provide real-time automated translation, open captions, and native language transcription in 109 different languages and 152 dialects. It also has the ability to archive presenter audio. The system can be used with video conferencing software like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Go To Meeting. Register today.

Get Our Latest Thinking Right In Your Inbox

​All emails include an unsubscribe link. You may opt-out at any time. See our privacy policy.

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Diego Perez


Country Manager at Newtech

Diego José Pérez has has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing corporate video conferencing networks and services on Microsoft platforms at the top companies and with the most important players in the market.  Since 2016, Diego has served as LATAM General Manager for Newtech Solutions Multimedia SA, a unified communications multimedia technology company. Diego has experience in leadership, planning, marketing and sales with excellent skills in negotiation, management control, strategies and people skills.