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Italian integrator Team Office opened its doors in 1992 to respond to a growing need for updated corporate communication technology. And today, as audiovisual and communication needs continue to evolve, Team Office continues to provide innovative solutions for clients all over the world.

A Certified Solution Provider with PSNI since the beginning of 2021, Team Office has completed over 4,522 projects with services including design, integration, equipment training, testing, and technical assistance.


Global Partnerships Keep Team Office Operating Worldwide

Team Office operates one location in Rome, but their reach is far wider thanks to partnerships with many of the world’s largest manufacturers and market leaders. Team Office also recently collaborated with fellow PSNI Certified Solution Providers Ditec from Spain, and Snelling Business Systems in England.

“The result of these partnerships is a wide offering of complete solutions, built on customers’ needs,” said Alessandra Favella, Purchasing and Marketing Director at Team Office. “Backed by many years of experience with the most important Italian companies and within the public sector, today Team Office can guarantee a high level of service and products that meet all the standards of the digital age.”

Services and products offered by Team Office include:

  • Audio conferencing devices
  • Large-format displays
  • Video projectors
  • Room booking
  • Room control systems
  • Signal management
  • Integrated room solutions
  • Desk solutions
  • Cloud solutions
  • Mobility solutions
  • Unified communication and collaboration
  • Digital signage
  • Technical assistance and help desk services

Team Office also recently introduced a New Media division to address those previously mentioned standards of the digital age.

“This division develops dedicated software for integrated communication, digital signage, and room booking,” said Favella.

As part of this new division, Team Office is launching a new platform called TELETABBER. TELETABBER will provide a unified platform for a complete digital experience in e-learning, booking systems, digital signage, meetings, and more.

PSNI Certified Solution Providers Are Prepared for the New Hybrid Workplace

How and where people work has changed drastically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Favella said, and the only way for AV integrators to survive is to stay one step ahead of their customers’ evolving needs.

“Audiovisual will be, and has already started to become, a convergence between AV and IT,” she said. Smart workplaces and hybrid workplaces have become our reality. The future of AV will demand an increase in remote environmental control, challenging IT departments to provide increased cloud solutions—even more than what is required by actual usage—to replicate and mimic face-to-face meetings through the web. For systems integrators, the challenge will be offering a unified meeting experience on whatever platform the customer asks for.”

You can learn more about Team Office here.

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Thank you, Team Office, for being featured here in the CSP Spotlight!

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