Deploying AVSolutions in a Crisis and Beyond

The global COVID-19 pandemic tested communication capabilities like no other event in history. The demands are high and the timelines short.
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What's in the Guide

Recommendations for developing a 30, 90, and 120-day plan to deploy communication solutions now and for the future.

In this crucial time, the demands are high and the timelines short. And while the overall goal for this period is to do what you need to do to get by, slowing down for a moment to plan and organize can help you speed up the delivery of a better solution. You’ll come out on the other side of the crisis in a much stronger position to execute your long-term strategy.


No one knows when a crisis or disaster will end, but we do know it will end. And your needs once we move through the current situation will continue to evolve. The experience of having so many employees working from home will influence where you go from here. Because of this crisis, we all now understand the power of communication and how to stay in touch with each other in new and unexpected ways. Once this critical time has passed, we don’t expect everyone to continue working from home. But not everyone will return to the office either. The new normal will likely be somewhere in between.

120 Days and Beyond

We are living through unprecedented times, and when things return to “normal” it will be a whole new day. As we move out of this crisis and find our footing in the new normal, an economic recalibration is almost certain. Facilities will reopen, the workforce will migrate back to the office, students and teachers will head back to the classroom, and healthcare workers will get a much needed break (we hope). Projects that went on hold due to the crisis will start moving again.

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With offices in more than 200 of the world’s top economic centers, you can be certain we speak the languages and can manage all the logistical details, quickly and appropriately.

Diego Perez


Country Manager at Newtech

Diego José Pérez has has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing corporate video conferencing networks and services on Microsoft platforms at the top companies and with the most important players in the market.  Since 2016, Diego has served as LATAM General Manager for Newtech Solutions Multimedia SA, a unified communications multimedia technology company. Diego has experience in leadership, planning, marketing and sales with excellent skills in negotiation, management control, strategies and people skills.