Positive Employee Experience is Critical.

Employers are facing a host of new workplace realities, including increased expectations for remote work and flexibility, high turnover, engagement challenges, and more. One result of all this workplace change and evolution? Employee experience (EX) has become
an urgent concern.

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What's in the Guide

This guide shares insights and practical advice from PSNI’s preferred vendor partners about how you can transform employee experiences at your company— and how AV can help.

Hybrid work is here to stay.

Hybrid work is here to stay. With the right technology, you can improve productivity and support collaboration that is equal to—or better than—working in the same room. The changes in how and where people work have put a strain on the employee experience and office AV technology and exposed some gaps and shortfalls.

Learn how to avoid the technology glitches that come with hybrid work.

Collaboration is mandatory and possible
Employees are better at both connecting and contributing when they enjoy a positive experience, and that translates to better outcomes for companies as well. When it comes to choosing technology to support a positive EX, it is especially important to take into consideration the preferences of younger workers.

Learn how AV can make communication and team-building easier.
Technology balances expense with efficiency
Flexible hybrid work can benefit employees and employers, but you need the right tools. Enhance collaboration and team building with AV tech like quality cameras, professional displays, built-in microphones, a reliable network, and flexible collaboration platforms.
Learn about the technology that improves employee experiences.

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Diego Perez


Country Manager at Newtech

Diego José Pérez has has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing corporate video conferencing networks and services on Microsoft platforms at the top companies and with the most important players in the market.  Since 2016, Diego has served as LATAM General Manager for Newtech Solutions Multimedia SA, a unified communications multimedia technology company. Diego has experience in leadership, planning, marketing and sales with excellent skills in negotiation, management control, strategies and people skills.