PSNI Global Alliance Develops Certification Program for Global Deployment to Deliver on the Promise of Global Standardization


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PSNI Develops global deployment and service handbookS with certification program for members

To deliver on a standardized approach to global deployment and support across its network, PSNI Global Alliance has created a proprietary deployment and service certification for its members around the world. This certification, mandatory for alliance membership, comes as PSNI Global Alliance enters into its sixth continent with more than 170 offices around the world.

The PSNI-exclusive Global Deployment Certification assesses the skill knowledge and understanding of multi-destination project and support needs and how to address the common issues with multi-site, multi country deployment and service. This process comes from the PSNI Global Deployment and Services Handbooks designed exclusively for PSNI members.

“The PSNI Global Alliance network shares a common vision to provide global reach, and local solutions for our customers around the world,” said Chris Miller, Executive Director of PSNI Global Alliance. “Customers can be assured that when you work with a PSNI Global Alliance integrator you are working with a company that thoroughly understands and is compliant with the best-practices and procedures for global integration and support.”

To achieve PSNI Global Deployment Certification, PSNI Global Alliance member integrators must demonstrate a mastery of global audiovisual deployment practices and network resources as outlined in the PSNI-exclusive Global Deployment and Services Handbooks.

To ensure each project strictly adheres to the PSNI Global Deployment process, PSNI Global Alliance integrators provide peer reviews focusing on response time, information accuracy and whether they have met or exceeded the customer expectations. A PSNI Global Deployment Service and Oversight Committee will further assess the compliance of members and projects.

For more information on PSNI Global Alliance, the certification process or membership, please visit our website at To find a PSNI Global Alliance certified integrator please click here.


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