Nanolumens and PSNI Global Alliance Enter Partnership for 2023


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Nanolumens is pleased to announce a new alignment with PSNI Global Alliance, the leading global network of premier technology integrators and service providers.

With a focus on large-scale LED applications, Nanolumens will become a global preferred vendor partner for The Alliance, supporting its Certified Solution Providers around the globe.  By tapping into PSNI’s network of AV/IT certified solution providers, this new partnership will strengthen the Nanolumens brand through access to new markets at a global scale.

US-based LED manufacturer, Nanolumens, offers world-class LED solutions across multiple market segments including transportation hubs, universities, corporate offices, themed entertainment and much more. Pioneers of LED true curve™ technology, Nanolumens is committed to leveraging the best of technology to address customers’ needs while also enabling and pushing digital transformation.

“We appreciate the warm welcome into The Alliance. Nanolumens’ growth in the global market will be bolstered by this relationship with PSNI. We’re thrilled to become a global preferred partner as we connect and strengthen our position within targeted industry verticals, as well as architecturally embedded LED projects needing our flexible solutions,” said Nanolumens’ Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt DeYoung.

“We are delighted to welcome Nanolumens to the PSNI Global Alliance lineup,” said Tom Roberts, director of vendor programs for PSNI Global Alliance. “Partnership is a core component of The Alliance and Nanolumens has a history of being a real partner with our Certified Solution Providers through their dedication to innovation, service and technical support.  Their comprehensive range of DV-LED solutions are a perfect addition to our Preferred Vendor portfolio, and we look forward to a wealth of future success together.”

PSNI Global Alliance boasts a global membership of integrators or Certified Solution Providers (CSPs) and Vendors from across the AV/IT and UCC spectrum. PSNI’s Preferred Vendor Partners (PVP) – of which Nanolumens is now a part of – connects manufacturers with CSPs to jointly pursue market opportunities by enabling Vendors to design programs in sync with PSNI CSPs.

All Vendors are pre-screened by Affiliates to ensure that only the best technology providers are represented in the PSNI Global Network. Customers who engage with Global Network members are assured seamless installation and support, benefitting from the collective expertise of PSNI’s CSPs and vendors alike.

To learn more about PSNI Global Alliance, the PVP program or how PSNI can enable its customers worldwide please visit


About PSNI Global Alliance

PSNI Global Alliance is the world’s most recognized network of AV integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and service partners, with a presence in more than 200 cities worldwide. Its innovative model allows best-in-class providers to work as one, bringing scalable, standardized technology solutions and managed services to organizations everywhere. With proprietary global deployment and services certifications, and truly localized support, The Alliance improves the integration and optimization of technology solutions so organizations around the world can transform the ways we work and live. 

About Nanolumens

Nanolumens is a US-Based LED design and manufacturer headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. NanoLumens offers world-class screens across multiple market segments adding wonder to physical spaces. We’re pioneers of the true curve™ technology and are committed to being better. With a bold and visionary team of experts we will take your project, in all shapes and sizes, from concept to reality. We bring your creative visions to life, leaving a first and lasting impression. We are LED!

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