PSNI Announces Quality Cup Award Winners at InfoComm 2023


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PSNI Global PVPs rewarded for their outstanding contributions

PSNI Global Alliance, the world’s largest network of premier technology integrators and service providers, has awarded Legrand, Biamp, Williams AV and ZeeVee with its ‘Quality Cup’ award following a vote from PSNI’s global network of certified solution providers. Quality Cup winners are the result of a comprehensive voting process across the Alliance, where fellow Certified Solution Providers (CSPs) from across the world vouch for manufacturers, distributors and service providers who have delivered outstanding service and operational standards throughout the year.

Announced during PSNI’s Recognition Breakfast at InfoComm, two further accolades were also awarded to Lightware and Shure by PSNI itself based on the PVPs participation inside the program.

Speaking at the event, PSNI Executive Director Chris Miller applauded the achievements in what has been a year of ‘remarkable’ growth for the Alliance: “PSNI’s Preferred Vendor Partners have once again provided exceptional service to the Alliance and our Certified Solution Provider network around the globe, and these accolades reinforce the incredible work and support they continue to deliver.”

He adds: “It has been another year of remarkable growth for the Alliance and it is through our members’ ongoing commitment and dedication to the highest operational standards that we continue to grow together.”

Full list of winners

The Overall Partner of The Year Award: Legrand AV

The Partner of the Year award recognizes a company that has shown exceptional commitment to the PSNI AV channel. The recipient of this award goes beyond providing products. They are a trustworthy business partner who brings added value to their clients. In the ever-changing landscape of remote and digital work, the winner of this award has adapted with ease and continued to inspire through powerful demonstrations, launches, and marketing reveals. This award celebrates a company that has gone above and beyond, continuously exceeding expectations and demonstrating a deep understanding of PSNI programs.

Speaking at the awards at InfoComm, Jay Rohe, VP US Channel Sales for Legrand said: “We’ve been a part of PSNI since its inception, and as PSNI has grown, so have we. The business relationships and friendships we have has created an unbreakable bond between us and our customers and that has been paramount in our success.”

“We are really humbled to receive this accolade and a lot of credit needs to go to our Director, Whitt Adams, for helping us to earn this award. We are now going to go right out there, work even harder and try to win it again!”

The Services First Award: Biamp

This award recognizes the PVP who’s exhibited deep technical knowledge and expertise that enable CSPs to overcome business challenges and improve processes, specifically over the past year. Qualities ranked include: low failure rates, quality of training and certifications, technical and end-user manuals, accurate published technical specs, and prompt response for technical field assistance.

The Spotlight Award: Nancy Blanchard, Williams AV

This award recognizes an individual who has consistently delivered exceptional initiative, participation and leadership inside The Alliance program. The recipient of this award is a trailblazer who consistently goes above and beyond to demonstrate their unwavering commitment of excellence and innovation for their organization and their involvement inside The Alliance. Speaking at PSNI’s Recognition Breakfast, Nancy said: “I’m honored to receive this award. I’m told it was all of PSNI’s CSPs that voted so, for me, it means that I’m making an impact in representing Williams and developing relationships, so I’m truly flattered.”

The Rising Star Award: ZeeVee

This award celebrates PSNI’s Global PVPs who came into the PVP program over the past year and has already made an impact inside of The Alliance. This PVP has stood out in some way whether it be business integrity, marketing support, product delivery, communication or overall quality of their unique program.

The Growth Driver (Program) – Lightware

Based on the PVP had the largest area of growth/sales inside the PVP Program YoY.

All Day, Everyday Award (Marketing) Shure

Based on the PVP who participated and worked every aspect of their marketing program within The Alliance. This partner not only delivers but continues to collaborate and evolve alongside The Alliance and its marketing initiatives.

Chris Miller concludes: “We are delighted to offer our sincere congratulations to all these deserved award winners here at InfoComm. We are very proud of our association with these industry-best partners and believe that, together, we will continue to grow our mutual presence and influence to the benefit of end-users and industry standards across the world.”

To learn more about PSNI Global Alliance or membership to the network please visit

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