Avocor Introduces H Series: Igniting the Future of Workplace Collaboration


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In a bold move in the world of collaborative technology, Avocor introduces the H Series – a spark of performance, elegance, and synergy for hybrid workspaces. Rooted in the principles of modern design, the H Series from Avocor is a masterpiece of form and function, tailored for the evolving landscape of collaborative workspaces. This series, a blend of minimalist aesthetics and practical innovation, epitomizes the essence of contemporary design trends. It stands as a testament to how interactive displays can seamlessly integrate into and enhance the modern work environment, merging the digital and physical worlds in a sleek, purpose-built package for collaboration.

At the heart of the H Series is PCAP touch technology, providing a seamless, ultra-responsive experience, fostering real-time collaboration and boosting creative workflows. With its sleek, ultra-thin bezel and crystal-clear 4K resolution, the H Series is not just a tool but a centerpiece in any modern workspace.

Avocor understands that true value for modern workplace technology lies in the seamless integration of software solutions. The H Series comes equipped with a suite of integrated software applications that enhance the proposition in the following ways:

  • Montage for Wireless Sharing: Say goodbye to cables and connectors. Montage enables wireless sharing instantly from laptops, tablets, or smartphones directly to the Avocor display, creating a user-friendly, cable-free collaboration environment.
  • UiQ Interface: The H Series is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that users can navigate effortlessly, maximizing the return on technology investment.
  • RiseVision for Digital Signage: Transform the H Series into a dynamic digital signage platform with RiseVision. Keep your workspace vibrant and broadcast essential information and critical updates even when the display is not in use.
  • FUSE Remote Management: Avocor’s FUSE platform provides robust remote management capabilities, enabling organizations to optimize and monitor their interactive display estate, remotely and effortlessly.

“The H Series represents a pivotal evolution in our offerings, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with modern design at an accessible price point,” says Brian Carskadon, VP of Products at Avocor. “This series embodies our commitment to delivering peak performance and interactive capabilities on a global scale, while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic that resonates with today’s evolving professional environments. It’s about scaling not just technology, but also design excellence and interactivity to meet diverse organizational needs worldwide.”

The H Series is available in 65”, 75”, and 86” models, priced at $3,999, $4,999, and $6,999, offering a blend of affordability and luxury. Avocor invites organizations to experience the power of premium collaboration without compromise. The H Series is more than just a display; it’s a strategic investment in enhancing collaboration, productivity and connectivity.

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