Korbyt Announces Support for BrightSign Series 5 Media Players


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Dynamic digital signage is the new arena where captivating content and flawless performance are paramount, the synergy between a content management system (CMS) and media players plays a pivotal role. Today, that synergy has reached new heights with Korbyt’s recent announcement, revealing full compatibility with BrightSign’s new Series 5 media players.

Korbyt, the omnichannel workplace communications platform that gives employees access to organizational resources on any screen, today announced that Korbyt Anywhere is fully compatible with the entire portfolio of BrightSign’s new Series 5 media players. The move follows extensive interoperability testing to ensure the Korbyt content management system (CMS) performs flawlessly not only with BrightSign’s latest hardware, but across the entire BrightSign ecosystem.

“The strength of the Korbyt Anywhere platform lies in its ability to work reliably across a range of devices, and our customers expect the Korbyt platform to perform well in any hardware environment,” said George Clopp, CTO at Korbyt. “Given the massive global footprint of BrightSign media players, we expect that many of our customers will soon migrate to BrightSign Series 5 – and when they do, they’ll have the same rewarding Korbyt experience they enjoyed with BrightSign’s legacy media players.”

The seamless integration between Korbyt’s CMS and BrightSign Series 5 enables effortless delivery of captivating content, with the ability to scale as user needs evolve. The BrightSign Series 5 lineup offers performance and connectivity options at every level and every price point. Coupling BrightSign’s unrivaled performance with Korbyt’s vast CMS feature set, businesses can elevate their digital signage initiatives for simple to sophisticated experiences like never before.

“CMS partners are instrumental in our ability to bring content and experiences to life,” said Misty Chalk, Vice President, Sales (Americas) at BrightSign. “The Korbyt Anywhere platform works seamlessly with our new Series 5 media players, allowing customers to elevate engagement across digital signage.”

Whether it’s important announcements, company updates or recognition programs, Korbyt’s CMS works in tandem with BrightSign’s media players to ensure that employees receive the right information at the right time, resulting in heightened engagement and a more connected workforce.

Looking Ahead

As businesses seek advanced digital signage solutions, the collaboration between Korbyt and BrightSign emerges as a beacon of innovation. The ability to seamlessly integrate powerful hardware with a feature-rich CMS positions these solutions as go-to tools for companies aiming to unlock the full potential of digital communication.

Stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in digital signage innovation by following Korbyt on PSNI and witness firsthand the evolution of digital signage and workplace communications.

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