Breaking Language Barriers with Artificial Intelligence

Providing communications in different languages has been a long time challenge for organizations with a global footprint. The need for multi-lingual digital messaging has never been more important as organizations face the changes in work practices as a result of COVID-19.


In this webinar, learn how Williams AV can help you to overcome language barriers with their artificial intelligence platform and real-time language translation system, Convey Video.

Convey Video expands access to language translation for a wider array of events as well as enhances learning experiences for live, in-person presentations, trainings, and web events. We will walk through how easily Convey Video can be integrated into an array of video environments platforms that offers an affordable alternative option from live interpreters.

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Featured PSNI Global Alliance Preferred Vendor Partner

A PSNI Global Alliance Global Preferred Vendor Partner, Williams AV offers products across five wireless communication technologies: real-time audio via Wi-Fi, digital, FM, infrared and induction loop. All five are successfully used in an array of commercial applications, including hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour, corporate, education, government and house of worship.

Diego Perez


Country Manager at Newtech

Diego José Pérez has has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing corporate video conferencing networks and services on Microsoft platforms at the top companies and with the most important players in the market.  Since 2016, Diego has served as LATAM General Manager for Newtech Solutions Multimedia SA, a unified communications multimedia technology company. Diego has experience in leadership, planning, marketing and sales with excellent skills in negotiation, management control, strategies and people skills.