14 Fun Facts About PSNI Global Alliance


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You’d never go on a blind date without asking your mutual friend for details or Googling the person first, and you wouldn’t hire a service provider like an AV integrator without asking around or doing a little research. PSNI Global Alliance is the ultimate matchmaker—we make choosing an AV integrator easier by giving you all the details you need before you make a commitment. And, in that spirit, here are 14 fun facts to know about us.

14 Things You Should Know About PSNI Global Alliance

  1. PSNI stands for “Professional Systems Network International.” And our name gives you a good idea of what we do. We are an international network of AV integrators that can design and deliver the professional, integrated AV systems you need. In 2017, we added “Global Alliance” to our name to reflect the growing global organization.
  2. PSNI Global Alliance is 33 years old. The year 1986 was a good one for daytime talk show fans (Oprah debuted her eponymous show that year), musical theater fans (“Phantom of the Opera” debuted in London’s West End), and Chicago Bears fans (they won the Super Bowl). It was also a good year for AV integrators and their customers because PSNI opened its doors too.
  3. PSNI Global Alliance Members have 175 offices globally. While PSNI is headquartered in the United States, our network of AV integrators and preferred technology vendors spans the continent and the globe. Wherever you are, we are there, too. And our network is always growing.
  4. Members are located in more than 40 countries on 6 continents – making us the largest network of professional audiovisual integrators and service providers in the industry. And for those of you keeping score at home, there are only seven continents total. So, unless your project is in Antarctica, we have you covered. And every member knows the language, culture, customs, and regulations of the countries where they operate—which means you don’t have to.
  5. PSNI Global Alliance holds a lot of industry firsts. In 2012, PSNI commissioned the QualTrak Customer Satisfaction Survey—the first of its kind—to help members better understand client expectations and narrow the gap between expectations and deliverables. To help members improve their sales technique, PSNI rolled out a first-of-its-kind year-long sales training course—called the Rainmaker Course—which has been completed by 350 members across North America.
  6. Our members average a 97% customer satisfaction ranking in service and support. And speaking of the aforementioned QualTrak customer satisfaction survey, based on more than 30,000 deployed surveys our network averages a 97% satisfaction ranking post design and integration.
  7. PSNI Global Alliance membership is the ultimate AV industry credential. Not only are members located just about everywhere, they also lead the industry in expertise and set the standard for best practices. By uniting industry leaders around the world, the PSNI network extends the reach of each individual member and multiplies their resources exponentially—and globally.
  8. PSNI Global Alliance offers a Global Deployment Certification program to affiliate integrators. Members work to expand their skills and services through proprietary training and certification programs. The PSNI Global Deployment Certification is mandatory for alliance membership, and ensures all PSNI members have the skills to deliver multi-destination project deployment and support.
  9. PSNI Global Alliance Integrators work to maintain their membership. Qualifying for a PSNI Global Alliance membership isn’t easy, and neither is keeping it. Members undergo routine audits and peer assessments to ensure they are maintaining the quality and standards PSNI membership requires.
  10. The PSNI Global Alliance network also includes technology partners. Through the Preferred Vendor Program (PVP), created in 2004, we connect affiliate integrators with vetted, reliable technology providers in many cases around the world.
  11. Members make up the PSNI Global Alliance Board of Directors. As PSNI executive director Chris Miller describes, PSNI is a “composite of shareholders” and each member has a stake in the success of the network.
  12. PSNI Global Alliance offers yearly events for members. In 2006, PSNI launched the Project Management and Sales Management Summits. It’s flagship event Supersummit and annual PVP Design Summit launched in 2008. In 2013, PSNI held the first CFO Summit, and in 2015 we introduced the annual Marketing Summit – the only one in the industry. These events bring together members, industry pioneers, and other experts to prepare you for the future of the industry and the evolving demands of global deployment. Forget the royal wedding—these are the real can’t-miss events.
  13. PSNI Global Alliance thrives on “coopetition.” Any provider can compete for your business, but can they also cooperate with partners around the world to deliver exactly what you need when and where you need it? We can.
  14. Member do more than sell systems—they envision your success and help solve problems. Anyone can sell you an integrated AV system—and lots of companies have probably tried. But not everyone will take the time to make sure are you are getting the best system to meet your needs, and then stick around to ensure it keeps running smoothly. But—you guessed it!—we will.


Now What Should We Know about You?

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