3 Ways Digital Signage Can Meet the Challenges of Today—and Beyond


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Digital signage has long been the go-to way to engage customers and users just about anywhere—from retail stores to government buildings and corporate offices to medical facilities. Digital signage lets companies easily engage with customers in new ways and quickly adjust to changes in the way people prefer to shop, work, and communicate.

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought about changes in the way we do just about everything—and many of those changes were things that no one could have anticipated. Retail stores now have to manage occupancy and enforce mask wearing. Companies have to communicate with employees and customers while helping everyone maintain a safe social distance. Schools, offices, and government buildings need to share ever-evolving health guidelines and updates quickly and effectively.

While these changes and challenges are new, the solution is not. Digital signage has become more essential than ever before, providing a dynamic, touchless way to address the new requirements of the COVID age. Keep reading to learn more about how digital signage solutions can help you meet the unique needs of today while also preparing you for whatever the future holds.

Digital Signage Can Make Your Business Safe—and Keep it That Way

One of the biggest questions business have faced in the COVID age is how to reopen and conduct their business while also keeping employees and customers safe. Digital signage can play a key role here.

Digital signage and interactive kiosks in the lobby of your building can provide wayfinding assistance that reduces both the need for face-to-face interaction, and the possibility of people wandering aimlessly to find their destination and coming into contact with more people than necessary.

Worried about kiosk touchscreens spreading germs? Leverage mobile technology to provide a QR code that customers can scan to download interactive maps and other information directly onto their personal devices.

Digital signage and kiosk technology at the entrance of your building can also keep track of occupancy, direct traffic flow, and use thermal scanning technology to take people’s temperatures as they enter.

Digital Signage Can Keep People Informed

Digital signage can easily and effectively communicate critical health guidelines and safety protocols that will help people stay protected even as stores, offices, and other public spaces reopen.

For example, signage solutions can display simple but important messages that remind people to wear masks, keep a safe social distance, and stay home if they feel ill. More complicated digital signage systems can track occupancy and alert patrons—either inside or about to enter—that the space has reached its maximum capacity.

Retailers can even use digital signage to communicate the availability of certain in-demand items or give customers estimated wait times in check-out lines to avoid large, crowded pileups.

Digital Signage Can Reach People Where They Are

Combined with mobile connectivity, digital signage can reach people just about anywhere and provide them personalized information in real-time. The BlueFox Count App from BrightSign counts users’ phones as they enter a building and then sends specialized content—for example, letting people know the building is at capacity—straight to their mobile devices.

Integrating mobile technology with digital signage can also help businesses and other organizations reach the people who are closest to the action they want those people to take. For example, using beacon technology embedded in digital signage at the entrance of a building, you could send an alert to anyone walking in reminding them to put on a mask and how to wear it correctly. Using the same technology near a store’s cash register, you could send flash deals or other customized marketing information directly to the mobile devices of customers waiting in line or getting ready to make a purchase.

Get a Dynamic Digital Signage Solution

PSNI Certified Solution Providers can help you identify any existing, new, or emerging challenges your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then help you determine what kind of digital signage solution—or other AV technology—is the best to help address them. Get started by finding your nearest PSNI Certified Solution Provider today.

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