Why an Intelligent CMS Makes for Better Communication


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With employees working from anywhere and consumers bouncing from screen to screen, how do you know where to reach them and how to engage them?

Engaging customers and employees through digital signage is more complex than it was just a few years ago. You can reach some in the office or in stores, but others are only online. To provide dynamic, personalized content to all of them, consider communicating via corporate signage, on laptops, and through mobile apps. And the best way to share the right information with the right people is to use real-time data.

Let the Data Guide Your Content

Nothing ruins the effectiveness of communication efforts more than distributing content that is irrelevant or outdated. An intelligent content management system solves this problem by using real-time data to provide content to the right audiences on the devices they’re currently using.

An intelligent CMS like Korbyt delivers this kind of personalization by simultaneously distributing content on all applicable screens. The CMS securely integrates with hundreds of data sources, and content may be tagged to reach segmented viewers by features like customer purchase preferences or employee role in the organization. Sharing that kind of intelligent content makes your communication efforts more effective.

Personalize Content for Better Engagement

Dynamic and personalized content is more engaging for everyone, from customers to hybrid workers and contact center employees. First, your platform should authenticate users to ensure you’re distributing content to the right people. An intelligent omni-channel solution like Korbyt’s Digital Signage+ can interest, engage, and inspire an action.

Urge viewers to make a purchase, sign up for a training, make a purchase, or even engage with content through interactive digital signage or by liking or saving content on their own devices. Continued engagement can improve productivity, communication, and customer service.

Reinforce Your Brand and Company Culture

Hybrid employees may not always be in the office to see announcements on your big screens, but they can get the same information in the same format on their mobile working devices. Solutions like Korbyt Anywhere ensure that employees won’t feel like they’re missing out and they’ll get a taste of office life in their home offices.

Employee inclusion and engagement are especially important to remote and hybrid employees who may feel otherwise disconnected. Customers will also more easily recognize and connect with your brand when your digital signage content and messaging are consistent across signage and platforms, from your app to in-store kiosks.

Use Data to Continuously Improve Communications

One of the best features of intelligent, data-driven communications is that it continuously improves. The system generates and collects data about who viewed content, as well as what kind of content was viewed the most or the longest. And the intelligent platform does this without requiring extra effort from your organization because artificial intelligence and machine learning do the work. This data helps improve content and communication going forward.

Get Our Latest Thinking Right In Your Inbox

​All emails include an unsubscribe link. You may opt-out at any time. See our privacy policy.

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