5 Ways You’ll Know It’s Time for an AV Tech Upgrade


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Audio visual technology changes fast. It keeps things exciting, but it can also make it difficult to know when your own AV solutions actually need to be upgraded, and when you are just enamored with the next big thing.

One of the biggest factors in deciding when it’s time to upgrade your AV equipment is budget—if there is no money for an upgrade, there is no upgrade. But there are also other ways you can determine whether your audio and video tools need a refresh. Our new Guide to Refreshing Your AV Equipment outlines some key signs that your AV equipment might be due for a change.

5 Warning Signs Your AV Equipment Needs a Refresh

  1. Technology standards have changed. Refreshing AV technology to take advantage of new functionalities and capabilities is one of the main reasons companies opt for an upgrade. Updated AV can make your company more efficient, and show you care about staying on top of the latest technology.

    “There are many reasons a partner or potential partner will opt for a technology upgrade or refresh,” said Jeff Goodman, VP, Enterprise AV at Anixter. “One of the most common reasons recently is that manufacturers continue to upgrade products and services as technology advances. That technology can be directly related to the product at hand, or it can be ancillary or adjacent technology that can potentially affect the performance or rating of the product.”

  2. Your needs have changed. Changing needs for you—or your clients—can also dictate when it’s time to upgrade or refresh your AV technology. For example, if you are standardizing equipment across all your meeting rooms, you may need to upgrade some or all your solutions, so they are compatible across the enterprise. You may also need to make updates to meet new needs.

    “Your clients don’t always know what they need,” said John Henkel, Product Marketing Manager at NETGEAR. “As you uncover their pain points, you can recommend solutions that fit their needs at that time. Often you design in some possibility for expansion just in case their needs change.”

  3. Your business is expanding. If your business is growing, your AV needs are, too. Whether you are deploying additional meeting rooms or accommodating a new remote workforce, you need AV equipment that can keep up. Working with a knowledgeable AV service provider can help you identify scalable solutions that can easily grow with you and take the pain out of future expansions.
  4. Your equipment is failing. Sometimes your equipment just stops working, even before its projected end-of-life. If your equipment is glitchy or unreliable, it’s time to replace or upgrade it, said Clint Hoffman, CEO of Kramer North America. You are also due for an upgrade if you want to add new equipment or functionality that your existing system can’t accommodate, he added.
  5. It’s time for a scheduled upgrade. Most AV equipment—from cables to speakers to video walls—has a projected lifespan. By keeping track of the lifespans of your different AV components, you can make a plan—and a budget—for scheduled upgrades. Creating a strategy and sticking to an upgrade schedule helps you avoid keeping AV equipment around too long.

Get Expert Advice for Planning Your AV Equipment Upgrades

Tracking the lifecycle of your AV equipment can be a full-time job, but you don’t have to do it alone. PSNI Preferred Vendors Partners and Certified Solution Providers can help you track and maintain your AV tools, and make recommendations about what should be upgraded when.

To learn more about what these experts have to say about making a plan for AV equipment upgrades, download the Guide to Refreshing Your AV Equipment today.

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