Anatomy of an AV Integrator: Finding the Best Fit for Your Project


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Audiovisual systems integrators are a lot like books—you can’t judge them based on appearances. So, the tricky question for many technology managers and professionals is, how you do compare and evaluate integrators? Fortunately, a deeper look will reveal some important traits and qualifications.

The Anatomy of an Integrator

Though designer shoes or their style of jeans won’t tell you anything about an integrator’s capabilities, there’s one distinction that’s quite revealing. Integrators who are approved and represent the PSNI Global Alliance have certain essential qualifications, saving you time when researching an integrator’s skills and experience.

They have vision.

PSNI Global Alliance members know that the future of business is global, which is why over 153 individuals from more than 67 member companies have received their PSNI Global Deployment Certification designation. This distinction means that PSNI Global Alliance integrators have demonstrated a mastery of global AV deployment practices and network resources and have committed to continuously improve their understanding of multi-site projects from beginning to end.

They listen.  

PSNI integrators take notice of what customers need and say. PSNI affiliates earned customer satisfaction rankings of 94 percent for both integration and service, as tracked through Qualtrak, PSNI’s global customer satisfaction survey. They’re trained to ask the right questions and be thorough in their assessments. They’re also willing to listen to other PSNI integrators to make sure global collaborations go as smoothly as possible.

They have muscle.

Their strength comes not necessarily in the brawny sense but in their global capabilities. Every PSNI member has global reach but also ready access to the technologies, management, and support that any of their clients may need, regardless of size, industry, or location. Today, that strength is evident in over 185 offices in 42 countries on 6 continents.

They’re brainy.

PSNI Global Alliance integrators share ideas at exclusive member summits and conference events, and they gain knowledge through professional development opportunities offered by PSNI. They share a collective commitment to serving their clients, and they can easily exchange ideas and collaborate about common concerns and challenges.

Integrator Differences 

The differences between a PSNI Global Alliance integrator and another, non-PSNI integrator may be impossible to see by just looking at them on the surface, but these differences can make or break your project. Without global experience or access to vital resources, another integrator might not know regional requirements or be able to find the technologies necessary to complete a project successfully.

It is also less likely that non-PSNI Global Alliance integrators will have such an extensive built-in support system like PSNI integrators have. PSNI integrators have access to valuable informational and professional resources provided by the network.

Possibly most importantly, you may not get the same proof of customer satisfaction. With PSNI’s premier network of professional AV and broadcast communications systems integrators, you know that you can expect consistent results, no matter which integrator is your direct contact.

Finding an Integrator 

Asking your colleagues to recommend a professional AV integrator can be time-consuming, and there are no guarantees you’ll get a good suggestion. To find a reliable name in AV, use this fast and easy tool that will tell you which area integrator is a PSNI member. 

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