Bridging the Gap: Yealink’s AI-Infused Solutions for Hybrid Collaboration


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With hybrid work increasing, video conferencing capabilities are the bare minimum required for companies with remote and hybrid employees. Gartner predicts that 51% of knowledge employees will work in a hybrid model, and 20% will be completely remote in 2023. The prevalence of hybrid work is also increasing across the globe. 

What’s next for hybrid collaboration solutions? The work technology landscape changes quickly, so it’s important to stay in the know about what’s new and what’s on the horizon.  

The State of Hybrid Work

The reasons behind enabling and supporting hybrid work may include improved productivity, higher employee satisfaction, less frequent commutes, access to top talent, and decreased environmental impact. Whatever the reasons, many employers are finding the flexibility of hybrid work to be worth the technology transformation and investments. 

For truly collaborative interactions, companies need more than just video and audio capabilities. Increasingly, companies are investing in improving the meeting experience of remote attendees to improve meeting equity. Now, in addition to basic microphones and cameras, companies are looking for tools that provide: 

  • Ease and simplicity: Users should be able to communicate and share content without running into technical difficulties.  
  • Clarity of sight and sound: In-room and remote participants should be able to hear and see each other clearly. 
  • Equity and inclusion: Meeting participants should be able to access the same content, information, and tools so that no one is out of the loop. 

Over the past couple of years, organizations have been able to drastically improve hybrid collaboration with solutions that: 

  • Offer touch-sensitive technology
  • Accommodate personal devices
  • Enable gesture recognition and control
  • Allow multi-touch input and content sharing for real-time interactions 

Tools like conferencing software, tracking cameras, and interactive displays and whiteboards have become essential to hybrid meetings. Features like speaker tracking and auto framing automatically ensure that remote participants don’t miss out on what is happening in the meeting room.  

ZDNET recently shared that a top trend for companies is to invest in better hybrid work technologies, like AI and cloud solutions. Companies are adopting solutions that are not only easy to use and integrate with other technologies, but that are more interactive and intelligent. 

The Evolution of Hybrid Work Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) in particular is an increasingly useful tool for facilitating communication and collaboration. Yealink is one company developing innovative solutions for the new ways of working. They’re releasing new intelligent room solutions that they’ll introduce and showcase in our Sept. 6 webinar

The new generation of Yealink’s MVC series for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows uses AI-driven features to make collaborations interactive, engaging, and equitable. Its smart features include:  

    • Automatic transcription
    • Auto-privacy protection
    • Auto presenter and speaker tracking
    • A multi-stream people feed and equal layout
    • People identification with voice and face recognition
    • Multi-camera Intelliframe to focus on the most recent speakers
    • Noise-proofing using deep learning to reduce background noises
    • Copilot that will summarize meetings, provide action items, and translate meeting captions

Depending on the solution you choose – based on room size and meeting needs – the new MVC solution may include a mini-PC, intelligent camera, microphones, touch console, room sensor, soundbar, presentation pod, AVHub, and BYOD extender. 

The 3rd-generation AI-powered video conferencing solutions are designed to support hybrid meetings and help employees work more flexibly and with less friction. Webinar presenters will also: 

  • Share expert perspectives on hybrid work trends 
  • Demonstrate products and intelligent features
  • Showcase how Yealink’s solution works in varied scenarios
  • Address the demand and need for inclusive meeting experiences 
  • Present actionable strategies for supporting hybrid work

Join our webinar on Sept. 6 to learn about Yealink’s latest intelligent room solutions. Register now for “Embrace AI-Powered Collaboration With Yealink Intelligent Room Solutions.”

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