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Experts expect the unified communications (UC) industry to continue growing for years to come. As communications and collaboration technologies have become more accessible, users have come to expect integrated, easy-to-use solutions. Flexible and remote work trends combined with these technologies have made life easier for workers worldwide. However, audiovisual design engineers must take on the task of creating meeting rooms that serve in-office employees, as well as remote workers and partners.

Manufacturers may offer “easy” answers, bundles, and packages, but they’re not created equal, and they’re not all right for every organization.

How Do Your Teams Already Collaborate? 

You must consider variables that affect communications and collaboration in a particular space. What other technologies will be used in the room? What size is the room and how many meeting participants will use it? What will work with important collaboration tools employees already use? Are they currently using collaboration software with their laptops and consumer mics? If you answered yes to the last question, you’ll have the opportunity to improve the collaboration experience immensely with professional audio solutions.

However, with so many available conference room solutions, it may be difficult to find just the right one. Looking for certified solutions is one way to narrow down your options. If the entire organization already uses Microsoft Rooms Teams, for example, it makes sense to look at a solution that Microsoft has certified will work. That way you know users get all the features and all the technologies will work as intended.


Making Your UC Solutions Work Together

Biamp offers Microsoft-certified plug-and-play solutions that integrate with Microsoft Rooms Teams. These audio bundles fit into medium and large conference spaces and include the only DSP in a bundle certified by Microsoft.

These feature plug-and-play installation with a single USB cable, beamtracking microphones, Advanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology, and bidirectional mute synchronization to share mute commands with Microsoft Teams Rooms and accurately display mute status.

Solutions for medium conference rooms (6 to 12 users) include Microsoft-certified TesiraFORTÉ® AVB VT4 and Tesira EX-UBT with approved microphones for Microsoft Teams Room deployments. Solutions for large conference rooms designed for 12 to 16 users, choose TesiraFORTÉ AVB VT4 and Tesira EX-UBT with approved microphones for Microsoft Teams Room deployments. (Microsoft provides the Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements here.) 

UC Solutions That Are as Simple—or Complex—as You Need

You can use these Biamp solutions in the most basic conference rooms, using straightforward and repeatable designs. However, despite its plug-and-play simplicity, it is also flexible enough for customization in more complex settings and can be integrated with other solutions.

Regardless of the room, using a certified solution will give you the confidence that meetings will run smoothly and on time. You’ll also minimize time spent integrating solutions and addressing incompatibility issues. And you can do all that with a Microsoft-approved DSP that comes at a competitive price point due to its inclusion of technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and single-cable connectivity.

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