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Some say business and family don’t mix, but for Oklahoma City-based Cory’s Audio Visual, the exact opposite is true. Founded in 1953 as Cory’s Motion Picture, the company has only been through three leadership changes in its nearly 67 years in business – and every one of those has included a member of the Cory family. Today, Cory’s Audio Visual is led by cousins Brad Poarch and John Cory. The company has been a member of the PSNI Global Alliance since 2014.

Cory’s Audio Visual Solves Problems with Integrated AV   

Cory’s Audio Visual’s business is divided into three sectors: events and rentals, where Cory’s Audio Visual got its start; service and support, including service agreements and comprehensive system maintenance, and; sales and installations, involving new installations and technology upgrades. In every project, their goal is to solve problems, said Abby Wolfe, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cory’s Audio Visual – not create new ones.

For example, when the national restaurant chain Applebee’s introduced an improved curbside carryout service, the location in West Oklahoma City soon realized they needed a better audio visual system to meet the new demands.

With more patrons taking advantage of the carryout service, the restaurant’s music was too quiet, hurting the atmosphere and ambiance. Existing audio problems in multiple zones of the restaurant worsened the issue.

Though they didn’t install the original AV system, Cory’s Audio Visual’s engineers were able to rewire the system and restore reliable sound to the whole restaurant in a matter of days.

“Our team is known for their high standards in customer service and flexibility, and their energetic approach to providing solutions—not gadgets,” said Abby.

Cory’s Audio Visual provides that dynamic service to clients all over the world through partnerships with other PSNI affiliates, including Allen Visual Systems, ClarkPowell, HB Communications, Level 3 AV, and iVideo. The company also provides event production services for the flagship PSNI Global Alliance event, Supersummit, every year.

“We love getting together with PSNI members and the PSNI team,” Abby said. “We enjoy learning from the larger companies in our industry and forming relationships with so many outstanding AV pros.”

Comprehensive Service Will Help Integrators Survive the Future

Cory’s Audio Visual completes between 80 and 100 projects along with 2,500 events (both full-production and straight rental) every year. The team includes six CTS-certified engineers, as well as the only ETCP-certified arena and theater riggers in the state of Oklahoma. That kind of comprehensive service is increasingly critical as the AV industry continues to evolve.

“The future of AV changes every day,” Abby said. “There is daily growth and change in technology. But no matter how much the technology changes, there will always be customers. We see the future of AV becoming more and more about a well-rounded customer experience with the need for more and more services that touch audio visual.”

You can learn more about Cory’s Audio Visual here.

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Thank you, Cory’s Audio Visual, for being our Member of the Week!

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