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When business as usual shut down almost a year ago in the face of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual meetings quickly became the norm to keep teams connected and working.

To meet the sudden and unexpected demands of a newly remote global workforce, many companies scrambled to implement any virtual meeting solution they could find—and afford—that got the job done. Now, as some things return to normal, other changes brought on by the pandemic look like they are here to stay—and remote work is one of them.

Companies that made do with “good enough” solutions now need more reliable, professional, and flexible video conferencing systems to help teams stay productive and connected even as some people choose not to return to the office. Watch this on demand webinar where, BTX Technologies, an award-winning distributor and manufacturer of integration products, and INOGENI, a video conferencing designer and manufacturer, discuss the best way to connect and control multiple cameras for an impactful virtual meeting experience.

Learn How to Connect and Control Multiple Cameras for Virtual Meetings

Laptop cameras or single cameras in a conference room or huddle space might have worked OK until now. With remote meetings here to stay, you need a more professional and flexible system to keep video conferences productive and ensure that in-person and remote participants experience the same meeting quality.

INOGENI has built an entire line of converters, mixers, and selectors to help elevate the virtual meeting experience. In this webinar, representatives from BTX and INOGENI will discuss these products, as well as:

  • The easiest way to connect multiple cameras to a single feed
  • The most intuitive way to control the interplay between multiple cameras
  • Use cases for multiple cameras, including telehealth, education and business applications
  • How to simplify virtual meetings for end-users

These solutions deliver a better virtual meeting experience while minimizing cable clutter, creating a minimalist and simplified meeting experience for all participants no matter where they are.

Get More Remote Meeting Capabilities without More Hassle

If you know you need to improve your remote meeting capabilities but are wary of choosing solutions that will make things harder instead of easier, this webinar is for you. Watch the webinar today to learn what products and methods can help remove the complexity of multi-camera use in modern video calls.

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Country Manager at Newtech

Diego José Pérez has has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing corporate video conferencing networks and services on Microsoft platforms at the top companies and with the most important players in the market.  Since 2016, Diego has served as LATAM General Manager for Newtech Solutions Multimedia SA, a unified communications multimedia technology company. Diego has experience in leadership, planning, marketing and sales with excellent skills in negotiation, management control, strategies and people skills.