How to Get What You Want from Your Global AV Deployment


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The Rolling Stones said you can’t always get you want. But when it comes to global AV deployments, choosing the right integration partners can help get you the results you want—and what you need. Keep reading to find out how.

Local AV Partners Meet—and Exceed—Expectations

What You Want: To Work with Familiar Partners

Just like you know that your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant will always be good, you know you’ll always get reliable service and support from your trusted AV partner. It makes sense that you want those familiar partners to be part of your global deployment. But what if your familiar partners don’t have a worldwide footprint?

How to Get It

When evaluating the right integrator for the job, look for the PSNI Global Alliance logo. Members of the network have a global reach and have gone through a global deployment certification in order to provide the best possible experience for your project. Your local PSNI Global Alliance integrator can leverage the power of a worldwide network to find the right additional partners anywhere in the world. And your familiar, trusted partner will remain your main point of contact throughout your multi-country deployment.

What You Want: Easy Communication, Wherever Your Teams Are

A global company needs effective team communication and collaboration just as much as a local one. Your teams need to ask questions, get answers in the native language, and collaborate during their business hours, regardless of different time zones and geographical separation. But long distances can also complicate team collaboration across multiple global locations.

How to Get It

Your teams want accessible contacts they can communicate with easily, and PSNI integrators are equipped with the capabilities and technologies they need to do just that. PSNI members follow a documented approach, developed with you in mind to take the guesswork and hassle out of managing multiple offices, languages and technology platforms.  You get to focus on your business objectives while working with a single point of contact and let the PSNI network do what it does best for you.

What You Want: Standardized Technology Solutions

Employees get frustrated when their technology doesn’t communicate easily with the solutions coworkers in other locations are using. The best solution is standardized tools across all your locations. For example, if one office uses Microsoft Teams all your offices should use Teams or a compatible tool.

How to Get It

Working with manufacturers and technology partners will ensure you get solutions that meet the standards and requirements of each country where you want to do business. And the PSNI Global Alliance vets and approves all their manufacturer and technology partners, so you can be sure they will work together with your other AV partners to deliver standardized, compatible solutions for all your locations.

What You Want: Global System Monitoring

Data security and system monitoring become increasingly complicated as you expand to multiple global markets—and time zones—and as more AV solutions find their way onto your IT network. But just as global deployment makes system monitoring more complicated, global growth in your company makes it more critical.

How to Get It

PSNI integrators can help monitor system usage, performance, risks, and failures at each individual site. They can then assist with necessary maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs so the technology at each of your global locations works the way you need it to. Ask your trusted PSNI partner what managed services are available at each destination location.

What You Want: A Simple and Streamlined Supply Chain

It shouldn’t be too much to ask that the equipment you need for your deployment gets to the right place with minimum hassle and headache. But the reality of global deployments is that tariffs and international tax requirements can complicate your deployment supply chain.

How to Get It

You can’t be an expert in the tax requirements of every location in your global deployment, but you can find an integration partner who is. A PSNI integrator with experience working in the country of your project can help you understand compliance requirements and take into account local tax implications during the design, selection, sourcing and assembly of your AV components.

To be sure you get what you want from your global AV deployment, find your nearest PSNI integrator today.


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