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In 1983, Sally Ride became the first American woman in space, McDonald’s introduced the McNugget, and mainframe computers were the latest and greatest technology on the market. And, sorry NASA and McDonald’s, but it was those mainframes that inspired Carlos Alcázar to start Grupo Covix. His goal was simple, and it remains the same 36 years later: to sell the best and newest technologies and to provide excellent service to all their customers.

That goal took Grupo Covix from mainframes to projectors to audiovisual integration projects. And now, as a member of the PSNI Global Alliance, Grupo Covix is positioned to provide the best in technology and service—including video walls, meeting room solutions, digital signage, and security technology—and they can do it anywhere in the world.

PSNI Affiliates Offer Integrated AV through Integrated Partnerships 

The name Covix is a combination of “collaboration” and “visualization” with the “x” representing “integration.” It’s the perfect encapsulation of what Covix does, Carlos said, and also describes what is ahead for the AV industry.

“From our perspective, the audiovisual world looks more like an IT world every day, and there may come a point when we won’t be able to differentiate between AV and IT,” Carlos said.

Working together with other PSNI affiliates has helped Grupo Covix provide their clients with solutions and services that prepare them for the industry changes ahead. In the 20 months since Grupo Covix joined the PSNI Global Alliance, they have partnered with Ditec, Diversified, Conference Tech, About AV, HB Communications, Artcoustix, iVideo, and Spinitar. Grupo Covix, which operates one office in Mexico City and one in Miami, has completed more than 1,200 AV integration projects.

A Family Atmosphere Keeps Grupo Covix’s Engines Running Strong

While membership in the PSNI Global Alliance has extended Grupo Covix’s reach around the world, some of their most important work happens at home. Carlos, the company’s president, and CEO Juan Carlos Alcázar set aside time throughout the year to recognize and encourage the company’s 60 employees, “which is really a family,” Carlos said.

In January of every year, Carlos and Juan Carlos hold a kickoff meeting with all of Grupo Covix’s employees to outline the company’s goals and objectives for the year and give everyone the green light to “start their engines.”

On the last Friday of every month, Grupo Covix employees enjoy “Sweet Friday,” a big party for everyone who celebrated a birthday that month.

“That’s a day that everyone enjoys, and not just for the cake!” Carlos said. “It’s also time that we can share and enjoy with our teammates. And it’s all the more important since some teammates can be out of the office for a month at a time or more, working on installations or deployments.”

Grupo Covix rounds out the year with a photography competition every December. Team members are encouraged to submit their best photos of the installations, service calls, and other events completed throughout the year with first, second, and third prize awards. Some of the photos are even used in corporate marketing materials.

You can learn more about Grupo Covix here.

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Thank you, Grupo Covix, for being our Member of the Week!

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