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The World Health Organization’s 2021 World Report on Hearing estimates that by 2050 one in four people—or 2.5 billion people worldwide—will have some type of hearing loss. Global disability legislation in each country helps ensure that buildings, and the services they provide, are equally accessible to everyone including those with hearing loss. All it takes is the right technology.

Join us on Dec. 15 to hear experts from Williams AV discuss the various assistive listening options available for different audio applications.

What is Assistive Listening Technology?

Assistive listening systems are integrated technology solutions that improve audio experiences in public settings such as theaters, office buildings, airports and municipal buildings. Assistive listening systems act as amplifiers that can bring sound directly into a listener’s ear. They separate speech from background noise, improving what is known as “speech to noise ratio.”

Assistive listening technology is especially critical in spaces where personal hearing aids might not be enough to overcome barriers to a good audio experience.

Choosing the Right Assistive Listening Solution for Your Application

Today, organizations have a wide variety of technology options to help them meet audio accessibility requirements. But which assistive listening technology is best for your specific application?

This webinar will cover the advantages and disadvantages of assistive listening systems, including:

  • Wireless FM systems
  • Infrared systems
  • Induction loop systems, and
  • WiFi technologies

Get the Answers to Your Top Assistive Listening Questions

Attend our upcoming webinar to discover what applications require assistive listening technology, and what technology is best suited for your specific use case.

Ready to learn more? Register for the webinar today.

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