Deploying AV Solutions During a Crisis? Check Out These Top Questions


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The global COVID-19 pandemic turned nearly everyone into remote collaborators. Companies adjusted how they work in unprecedented ways and at an unprecedented speed.

But many organizations were also left with questions regarding their audiovisual (AV) deployment. Here are some answers, and some advice about how an AV integrator can help your organization get through this crucial time.

The First 30 Days 

How do I make sure my interim solution is not wasted? 

Demands are high and you are under immense pressure to deploy solutions immediately. But instead of making a hasty investment, first ask your workers what they need to collaborate remotely—and what is preventing them from being productive and engaging with their team. Then work with an experienced AV integrator to develop a comprehensive solution that meets both current and long-term needs.

How do I keep my AV projects moving forward when my building is locked down?

Determine whether any of your new collaboration tools—for example, cloud-based technology—can be deployed remotely. If so, start there to keep your team connected.

The Next 60 Days

 How do I keep my team productive?

Continue collecting feedback from your team. Checking in often will help you track productivity and team engagement. It will also help you identity ways the virtual work tools you set in place during the first 30 days may need to evolve to meet new needs, workstyles, and preferences.

How do I incorporate my current solutions with future solutions?

The resources and technology you choose should be the solution for your new normal, not the current crisis. Do the tools you are using now fit your long-term strategy? Remember, any solution you choose needs to be easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

120 Days and Beyond

How will I pay for these projects?

If you have exceeded your technology budget, don’t panic. Talk to your integrator about AV as a Service (AVaaS) or other payment options. U.S. companies may also be eligible for government loans and assistance.

How can I install my back-logged AV projects?

Talk to your integrator now about future projects and—if you have a time frame in mind—start scheduling them now. That way you can move quickly when the time comes.

How Your AV Integrator Can Help 

Communication is key—no conversation is off limits when it comes to finding a solution during and after a crisis. Your PSNI AV integrator will work with you to help your business move forward.

Want to know more about how to deploy AV solutions during and after a crisis? Our guide walks you through building a 30, 90, and 120 day plan. Get the guide now.

Are you ready to find the right combination of AV solutions to meet your organization’s collaboration technology needs? Find your nearest PSNI integrator today.

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