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The team at Poland-based audiovisual integrator SLX feels like a family, and that’s because many team members have been working together for decades. Before opening the doors of SLX in 2005, many key staff members worked together at a different AV integration company. But, as often happens in families, a small group decided to strike out on their own and make a new name for themselves.

“For the first few years, we were looking for our identity and our place in the market,” said Rafal Kociemski, Purchasing Manager at SLX. “At first, we took a broad approach to our AV business, including offering distribution services. But after a while, we adopted a strictly integration model, and that was a hit. We have built and strengthened our design department and put a strong focus on after-sales services. But of course, offering and integrating AV solutions was and is key to the services we provide. We have always put an emphasis on offering comprehensive solutions, not just individual products. The products are only a tool to achieve the final goal. That was the case 15 years ago, and it is still the case today.”

Top-Notch Employees and Innovation Drive SLX’s Success

Since the company’s inception, SLX has never been afraid to tackle ambitious and sometimes trend-setting projects, Rafal said. For example, the company worked on an installation for the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center in 2015 that marked the first time Sony 8K cameras were deployed anywhere in the world.

With three offices across Poland, SLX can easily take this innovation to anywhere in the country and across virtually every market segment, including education, corporate, museums, hotels, sports venues, and even private residences. The corporate sector has generated the largest share of revenue recently, Rafal said, as SLX has completed projects for clients including Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, Juul, and HubSpot.

World-class employees are the key to SLX’s success, and the company invests a lot of time and money in keeping the team close, including ski trips and corporate retreats at different international destinations.

“Our employees are our pride,” Rafal said. “Whether it’s someone coming here for their first job, or someone coming with a lot of life and industry experience, we are all working together to build a fantastic team. People are the key element of a well-functioning company, and we are proud to have such a well-coordinated and prosperous group of employees.”

And, in the three years since SLX joined the PSNI Global Alliance, that team has grown to include other PSNI members. So far, SLX has collaborated with BIS from the Netherlands, Ditec in Spain, HB Communications in the United States, Meritec in Ireland, Involve in the United Kingdom, and 3P Technologies from Italy.

Global Conditions are Pushing PSNI Members to Prepare for a New Future in AV

The global COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of SLX’s plans on hold, including a corporate retreat to Montenegro and CTS certification examinations for several SLX employees. But it has also created exciting opportunities for AV integrators for the future of the industry.

“What does the future of AV look like? That is a question everyone would like to find the answer to,” Rafal said. “We live and work in unprecedented times that have created a new reality and a new future—a future that industry analysts and leaders didn’t see coming. It is challenging to predict what will happen in a month, let alone a longer timeframe. But we also can’t sit on the sidelines and wait. Certainly, the pandemic will force a lot of companies into a different work model using different communication tools. We will definitely be moving towards more environmentally friendly technologies that are easier to manage remotely and more intuitive to use.”

You can learn more about SLX here.

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