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7 Reasons to Work with a PSNI AV Integrator

Whether you’re upgrading a meeting room, enhancing broadcast capabilities in your house of worship, or adding a video wall to a student union building, there are a lot of reasons to enlist experts who can ensure your project delivers the results you need—from initial planning and design to build out and integration.

These experts are called audiovisual (AV) integrators. As with most professionals, not all AV integrators offer identical capabilities, reach, or experience. To simplify your search for an AV integration partner, look for the PSNI logo. An AV integrator displaying the PSNI logo is an affiliate of the Professional Systems Network International. And membership in PSNI provides many advantages to customers who hire and work with PSNI-affiliated AV integrators.

The Power of a Network at Work for You

The 31 AV integration firms who are members of PSNI represent 99 offices throughout the United States and Canada and 2891 employees, of whom almost half perform technical integration services. Combined, they hold an impressive number of certifications including:

  • 678 InfoComm CTS
  • 194 IT-vendor certifications
  • 1598 AV-vendor certifications
  • 44-Broadcast-vendor certifications

Working with a PSNI affiliate is more than working with a single integration firm. It’s working with an integrator backed by a powerful network that can immediately expand its capabilities, reach, and resources. Instead of one team working on your challenge and recommending solutions, it’s groups of teams with hundreds of years of combined experience and thousands of successful projects that can leverage for your project. That’s the Power of the Network. That’s the power of working with a PSNI affiliate.

What You Can Expect from a PSNI AV Integrator

1.     Receive Quality Results

PSNI affiliates are highly trained and credentialed. To maintain affiliation, they must hold top industry certifications. They are skilled and know the right products for your needs. This level of knowledge and experience ensures quality results.

2. Ensure Safety and Security

PSNI integrators have knowledge and experience in technologies and industries with high-level AV security requirements. They know what DIY-ers don’t even know they need to know, and they keep up with the ever-changing world of networking and data security.

3. Delivering Outcomes, Not Just Hardware

PSNI integrators work just as hard post-installation as they do during initial design and install. With remote monitoring capabilities and helpdesk offerings, you can be assured that your technology tools will be up and running when you need them.

4. Save you time and money

Expert integrators ask the right questions, understand interdependent technologies and leverage the intellectual capital of the PSNI network to help each end-user maximize the potential of the technology integrated in each solution, and create results with a higher return on investment than do-it-yourself project or using less qualified integrators.

5. Exceeding Expectations

Per PSNI’s customer satisfaction survey, Qualtrak, affiliates consistently receive a 94 percent satisfaction rate for integration and service. Affiliates must adhere to the high standards established by PSNI, but they also commit to maintaining strict ethical standards. Confidence and peace of mind come from the knowledge that you know what level of quality and professionalism to expect—no matter the project or integrator.

6. Scale to Projects Without Sacrificing Consistency

While affiliates are independent professionals, they all strive for consistency across projects and standards of care. They achieve this by sharing knowledge and resources. They also work together when the scope or geography of a project requires collaborating with additional members.

7. Create Innovative Solutions

One of the most exciting benefits of partnering with a PSNI integrator is that they can design some of the most creative and innovative solutions in the field—thanks to the network’s unique collaborative structure. Affiliates share information, ideas, and resources to ensure they are always at the top of their game. They are involved with product development and beta testing, so they know the industry trends and direction that your organization desires such as IoT, cybersecurity, mobility, efficient collaboration and more. You don’t have to worry that they’ll provide you with solutions that will become prematurely obsolete or that don’t have the future in mind.

If you have and audiovisual project, discover the difference of working with a PSNI affiliate for yourself. Find a PSNI affiliate near you. 

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