AVaaS: A Flexible and Scalable Solution for Meeting Room Equipment


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In today’s fast-paced business environment, IT decision makers face a range of challenges when it comes to managing and maintaining meeting room equipment. From video conferencing systems to cameras, microphones, and speakers, the cost and resources required to keep this equipment up to date and running smoothly can be a significant burden on budgets and staff.

Fortunately, alternative options, like AV as a Service (AVaaS), are available. AVaaS offers a compelling solution for companies seeking to streamline their meeting room equipment needs. AVaaS is a subscription-based approach to obtaining and maintaining AV equipment, similar to Software as a Service (SaaS).

For AV and IT staff, AVaaS offers a number of advantages. Here are the top five:

Cost Efficient – One of the most significant benefits of AVaaS is cost efficiency. Rather than purchasing equipment outright, a predictable monthly subscription fee covers both hardware and support services. This approach avoids large upfront costs and eliminates unexpected expenses related to equipment repairs and replacements, helping IT decision makers manage their budget more effectively. “AVaas reduces company risk because it keeps companies from committing to a purchase. It also ensures the AV solution will be current and match the room requirements,” said Tim Koskamp, Field Sales Engineer for Biamp.

Always Current Technology – Another significant advantage of AVaaS is access to the latest technology. Regular equipment and programming updates ensure that meeting rooms are equipped with cutting-edge solutions, keeping businesses ahead of the competition. This means IT decision makers won’t have to worry about hardware or software becoming obsolete or falling behind industry standards. By staying up to date with the latest technology, businesses can remain competitive and maintain their edge in the market. “Almost every conference room is going to be UC equipped these days, and we’re seeing a regular cadence of new features being added to the clients which has a downstream effect on the room’s hardware,” said Koskamp.

Comprehensive Maintenance and Support – In addition to cost efficiency and up-to-date technology, AVaaS provides comprehensive maintenance and support services. With an AVaaS subscription, businesses benefit from PSNI’s expert team’s experience and expertise in handling any issues that arise with equipment quickly and efficiently. This minimizes downtime and ensures that meeting rooms are always ready for use. This level of support helps IT decision makers focus on core business operations, rather than worrying about equipment maintenance.

Flexible and Scalable – AVaaS offers a flexible and scalable solution that can easily accommodate changing requirements as a company grows and evolves. Adjustments such as adding or removing meeting rooms, upgrading equipment, or adapting to new industry standards can be made without significant investment or hassle. This flexibility allows companies to customize their meeting room equipment solutions to meet their unique needs, without being limited by traditional purchasing models.

More Environmentally Friendly – By choosing AVaaS, companies also make a positive impact on the environment. Subscription-based services promote the regular upgrade and recycling of equipment, reducing electronic waste and contributing to a more sustainable future. This environmentally friendly aspect of AVaaS aligns with many companies’ corporate social responsibility goals and can help businesses stand out from the competition.

Overall, AVaaS presents a compelling solution for IT decision makers seeking to streamline their meeting room equipment needs. With cost efficiency, up-to-date technology, simplified maintenance and support, scalability, and environmental benefits, AVaaS offers a comprehensive solution to traditional equipment purchasing models.

As businesses continue to operate in a hybrid or remote work environment, AVaaS offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for the meeting room needs of the future. To learn more about how AVaaS can benefit your company and discuss your meeting room equipment needs, reach out to the experts at PSNI today.

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