Everything Integrators Need to Know About Cabling a Network for AV Systems


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We all know how annoying it is when the cables under our desk are jumbled together, and how much time we lose trying to untangle it all. But what if the cabling connecting all your audiovisual systems is a jumbled mess? How much time would you lose trying to get the right devices connected to the right place? How much extra work would it take to keep the whole system working smoothly? 

In this webinar, Belden, a global leader in signal transmission and security solutions, will cover everything AV integrators need to know about cabling an Ethernet network to support AV systems.

AV over IP Makes Audio and Video Sharper and More Scalable

At the core, all AV systems regardless of how they are configured, have the same goal: to make sure users can see and hear their video and audio sources. Whether they are sitting in their cubicle in front of a computer monitor, or at the head of a conference room table with room speakers and microphones, the AV system needs to work every time.

The way audio and video sources are captured, moved, and displayed can vary, however. With AVoIP (AV over Internet Protocol) AV data is transmitted over a network, such as a LAN or WAN, or over the Internet. Benefits of AVoIP over traditional AV set-ups include: 

  • Scalable switching with more available ports
  • Fewer restrictions dictated by distance
  • Improved ratio of inputs to outputs
  • Higher video standards
  • New options in video processing

The potential downside? AVoIP requires specific cabling to connect your AV systems to the network and keep them running without glitches, downtime, or latency due to bad network connections.

Set up the Right Network for AVoIP with Help from Belden

 In this webinar, Belden will share what AV integrators need to know to about the correct way to cable a network to support AV systems. Topics to be discussed include:  

  • Design considerations when selecting category and fiber cables and connectors
  • Network infrastructure standards and testing
  • New technology AV integrators should be aware of to design the most efficient system possible

 To learn more from Belden experts about these and other cabling requirements every AV integrator should know, register for our webinar today.


Get Our Latest Thinking Right In Your Inbox

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