5 Ways an AV Systems Integrator Can Make Your Job Easier


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We’ve all heard the old adage: if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. When it comes to installing and integrating an AV system, however, that sentiment needs an update. If you want an AV job done right, you have to find the right partner to help you. Taking on an AV project outside your area of expertise—or getting help from someone else without the right training or qualifications—can cost you more time and money in the long-run. But enlist the expertise of an AV systems integrator and you’ll find that you can get what you need without putting in all the work yourself.

Lighten Your Load with an AV Systems Integrator

Here are five ways AV systems integrators can make your job easier—and make your AV outcomes better.

  1. They future proof your investment. An AV systems integrator understands technology roadmaps and lifecycle management. That means they can see not only the solution you need today, but how your needs will change and evolve into the future. By planning early for tech upgrades and refreshes, an AV integrator can save you time in future planning and save you worry that your AV investment will become obsolete.
  2. They act as a single point of contact. When one person, like an AV integrator, installs and integrates all your AV equipment, that means you only have to contact one person when you have a question or something goes wrong. Without an AV integrator, you have to contact multiple vendors, sources and contacts to get the help you need.
  3. They understand all your options. AV integrators aren’t in the business of making products. They are in the business of understanding all the products in the marketplace and recommending the best one for your unique needs. You should have a basic understanding of the pros and cons of each technology option, but an AV integrator can help fill in the blanks. And the stronger your relationship with your integrator, the more you can trust them to bring you the right solution.
  4. They monitor and repair systems. An AV integrator doesn’t just install your system and leave. In many cases, the AV integrator will also monitor your collaboration and meeting room systems and fix issues as they arise. Whatever level of ongoing service they provide, working with an integrator means fewer help desk tickets, less drain on your IT resources, and improved employee productivity thanks to decreased system downtime. “Ongoing support is something that clients particularly appreciate, as they don’t have to worry about managing their AV solutions going forward, including maintenance, performance monitoring and contacting manufacturers for warranty or technical concerns on their client’s behalf,” said Robby Turner, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Data Projections.
  5. They are experts. You might think taking on an AV project yourself will be less money and less hassle, but that is rarely the case. An AV systems integrator can steer your project in the right direction from start to finish. Expert integrators also take the guesswork out of your project which lowers your risk, helps you save money in the near-term, and help you avoid unforeseen costs in the long-term. With an AV systems integrator as a partner, you can stay informed about industry trends, feel confident in your decision-making, and deliver quality results for your organization.


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